Hear From an Employee

Deon Bezuidenhout, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Management, Johannesburg, South Africa

I started my career at PPD as a senior clinical research associate in November 2010, having moved from one of PPD’s biggest competitors. Expecting the usual CRO grind, I was surprised to walk into a well-controlled corporate environment, where the focus is more on people and quality, rather than to see who got the most visits done in a month.

I love working at PPD for several reasons, but the most important ones are the focus on service excellence and exceptional quality and the strong team cohesiveness. This directly translates into being allocated a workload that can be managed properly and effectively and an open communication between employees. The end result is high-quality monitoring, a fantastic office atmosphere and a very good work life balance.

The second important reason for my love of working for PPD is the fact that PPD actively looks after my personal and career development. I have access to a wide variety of online courses, and most importantly, my manager actively supports my development. Being enthusiastic about my career, it is really great to work for a company that acknowledges my potential and actively assist me in mapping and reaching my goals.

PPD has brought new meaning to being a CRA and I cannot see myself working for any other company. If you want to know why PPD is rated the best CRO in the industry, just listen to your colleagues during a day at the office. I have been with PPD for more than a year and I have never heard anyone complain about working for PPD.