2015 June Contract Pharma Challenges in Global Biosimilar Development

Synexus launches new patient registry to support longitudinal brain aging study

Dawie Wessels explains that Synexus is looking to register 30,000 adults for the five-year study focused on identifying potential prevention methods and possible treatments for Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Outsourcing-Pharma  (July 2018)

PPD flips the patient enrollment model and launches new site solution

Roger Smith discusses how SynexusPlus and PatientAdvantage will enhance PPD’s enrollment capabilities.

Outsourcing-Pharma   (July 2018)

PPD proposes finding patients first, activating sites second

Roger Smith explains how PatientAdvantage enables PPD to rapidly enroll community-based patients from its proprietary databases and modeling.

FierceBiotech  (June 2018)

PPD, NeoGenomics to integrate pathology testing for cancer trials

Collaboration will enable both companies to jointly provide a premier global oncology and specialty laboratory solution for customers.

Fierce Biotech  (June 2018)

Demand for pathology services sparks PPD, NeoGenomics alliance

Collaboration to provide a seamless and fully integrated global pathology and molecular testing solution to PPD’s pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

Outsourcing-Pharma  (June 2018)

Biopharma business booming in Middleton

PPD® Laboratories has been expanding its operations in Middleton over the past few years, increasing its highly scientific workforce by 50 percent during that time.

Wisconsin State Journal  (June 2018)

A Study of the Effects of Histogram Binning on the Accuracy and Precision of Particle Sizing Measurements

Eric Olson analyzes the effectiveness of histogram binning for representing particle-sizing measurements with accuracy and precision.

Pharmaceutical Technology  (June 2018)

Brazil’s Regulatory Environment Offers Positive Changes for Clinical Trials

Priscila Fagundes, Patricia Dresel and Ana Elisa Miller summarize recent changes in regulations and submission processes in Brazil’s approach to conducting clinical trials.

Regulatory Focus  (June 2018)

Emerging Technology Integration in FDA’s Drug Approval Process

Monika Jain and Shilpa Rana discuss the FDA’s “Emerging Technology Program.”

Regulatory Focus  (June 2018)

The outsourcing balancing act

Leona Fitzgerald and Denise Moody talk about achieving the best balance of oversight and involvement.

Contract Pharma  (June 2018)

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